【WCCA Board Announcement November 7, 2016】Mrs. Hu Zhen (胡真 “Jane”) was elected as the fifth President of the Waterloo Chinese Canadian Association (WCCA), following a unanimous vote by the WCCA registered members, as nominated jointly by the WCCA Board of Directors and the Transitional Committee.

Since 2013, under the leadership of the former Chairman, Mr. Pan Gang, WCCA has successfully navigated three years of prosperity and growth. This year marks the election year for the association. According to the WCCA constitution, the new Chairperson candidate needs to be nominated by the WCCA Board of Directors and approved by the membership through an anonymous vote, with a simple majority. On October 28, 2016, the WCCA 2016 Election Oversight Committee, composed of Mr. Fu Liping, current Chairman of the WCCA Board of Directors and leader of the WCCA Transitional Committee, Mr. Pan Gang, former Chairman of WCCA, and Mr. Wu Changbao, current WCCA Director and member of the Transitional Committee, issued a questionnaire-style vote to all registered WCCA members regarding the nomination of the new Chairperson, Mrs. Hu Zhen. The voting process, managed by Director Zhang Xia, with support from the WCCA Member Services Department, saw 481 electronic ballots distributed anonymously. After excluding 43 undeliverable and automatic abstention ballots, a total of 438 valid ballots were received. After a week of voting, counting, and supervision, the Oversight Committee received 155 valid votes, with 131 in favor and a total of 25 opposing or abstaining votes. The affirmative votes accounted for 84.5% of the valid votes. Mrs. Hu Zhen was duly elected as the next Chairwoman of WCCA. The Board of Directors and the Board of WCCA extend warm congratulations to Mrs. Hu Zhen on her successful election!

Mrs. Hu Zhen , originally from Shanghai, China, graduated from the Department of Materials Engineering at Tongji University and obtained a master’s degree in engineering from CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY in Montreal, Canada. During this period, she met her husband, got married, and has two adult daughters. Having lived in Montreal, Cambridge, and Waterloo for many years, she currently resides in Kitchener.

Mrs. Hu Zhen has been employed at Innova Global Engineering Company (formerly ATCO EMISSIONS MANAGEMENT) for many years, where she is known for her diligent work and dedication, and is now a key player in the company’s operations. She has also obtained technical patents during her tenure.

Mrs. Hu Zhen joined the WCCA Board of Directors in 2012 and was responsible for overseeing member services and the Women’s Club. She was appointed Secretary-General of WCCA in 2013 and has since been involved in various WCCA preparations and activities, including this year’s Alberta wildfire relief efforts, the WCCA Spring Festival Gala, and the WCCA Sponsor’s Tea Party. She planned and successfully hosted the inaugural WCCA Thanksgiving Food Drive and WCCA Huaxia Festival, continuing the tradition of the Huaxia Festival to this day. The Huaxia Festival, themed around food, healthy living, Chinese culture, and art, has attracted nearly 500 participants each year. Mrs. Hu Zhen has also been a key organizer of various family activities and health festivals held in collaboration with community organizations and ethnic groups, contributing a great deal of time and effort to expand WCCA’s influence in the local area and enrich the lives of the local Chinese immigrant community.

Mrs. Hu Zhen is sincere and passionate and enjoys the trust and praise of everyone in both the community and her social circles. She is the ideal candidate to lead WCCA forward, ensuring better service to its members, uniting the local Chinese community, and enriching the work, study, life, and entertainment of new and old Chinese immigrants in the local area.

Currently, the Waterloo Chinese Canadian Association has approximately over two thousand members. The association includes over ten clubs and groups, including basketball, badminton, volleyball, bridge, golf, women’s clubs, Chinese Philharmonic Chorus, “Readers’ Wisdom” book club, University of Waterloo Student Alliance, and senior and business clubs, attracting hundreds of sports, cultural, and recreational enthusiasts of all ages throughout the year. The association also hosts popular events such as the Chinese New Year Gala, Huaxia Festival, and sports festivals, which have earned WCCA a reputable status in the local area. We believe that with the collective efforts of the new Board of Directors and under the leadership of the new Chairwoman, Mrs. Hu Zhen, the association will continue to move forward, making more contributions to achieve our objectives and unite and serve the local Chinese community.

According to the constitution, after assuming office, the Chairman will first organize the formation of the new Board of Directors and then proceed with the work.

【1】Board Appointment and Removal Regulations, please refer to the Waterloo Chinese Canadian Association Constitution and Charter. For details, please see WCCA ByLaws.

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