The WCCA Emergency Response Committee (ERC), also known as the SOS Team, was established in early February 2020, during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. The main function of the ERC is to maintain an open communication channel with local government, medical, public safety, community service, school departments, and WCCA members. It promptly notifies members of various community safety-related emergencies in Canada and the community while closely coordinating with other functional departments of WCCA and the aforementioned relevant departments to jointly take emergency response measures.

The service scope of the WCCA Emergency Response Committee is for the entire society, not limited to the Chinese community.

Since its establishment, the Emergency Response Committee has initiated and coordinated a series of activities related to combating the pandemic. These include leading and coordinating activities of providing mutual for quarantined members, fundraising for local hospitals, coordinating transportation arrangements during the lock down period, caring for the elderly, providing assistance to vulnerable groups in the community who are in need but not part of the WCCA community, and promptly arranging solutions for the specific difficulties faced by all individuals who request assistance from WCCA.

The WCCA Emergency Response Committee is not a law enforcement agency and does not have any law enforcement functions.

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